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•      The  transport department  will maintain  a student register with  the
               students’  name, address,  two  emergency  contact names and phone
               numbers, pick up & drop points with timing and the seating chart for
               every bus route.
        •      Information contained on student register will remain confidential and
               in the school bus. It will be made available to school officials and law

               enforcement officers upon request.
        •      The  bus  drivers  or support staff are  not supposed to take their own
               decision of dropping off the child, if the parent ID card is not produced.
               They are supposed to report to the Transport in-charge.


        •      Students need to be cautious in the bus loading zone.
        •      A school bus driver will not stop for students who have missed the bus
               once it is in motion.
        •      No glass items, live animals or dangerous objects will be transported on
               the school bus.
        •      Large items may not block the aisle or exits of the bus.
        •      The size of an item should be such that it can be carried on the student's
               lap or on the floor of the bus; in either case, it will not extend beyond or
               above the height of the seat in front of the student.
        •      Some  students  may need the  assistance of oxygen  or  mechanical
               ventilation devices during their bus ride. All equipment used by students
               who are technologically dependent must be secured and mentioned in
               the transportation form.
        •      First-Aid is available on the bus.


        •      For students (8.30 AM – 3.30PM)
               Monday to Friday (5 days a week) for Pre-Primary to Grade 4 and 2
               extra working Saturdays for the Lemurs of grade 5 and above.


                R  8:30AM- 5:00 PM Monday to Saturday (2nd Saturday is Admin

                                                Day’s Schedule

                           PERIODS                                         TIMMINGS

                          Zero Period                                 8:30 a.m to 9:10 a.m

                           1  Period                                  9:10 a.m to 9:50a.m

                             Break                                   9:50 a.m to 10:00 a.m
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