Page 14 - Epistemo Vikas Leadership School Diary
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curricular and extra-curricular activities where each achievement of the
               lemur earns a point for their respective house.

               Lemurs of grade 4 and below will not be a part of any competition rather,
               they will have events to collaborate and cooperate for the betterment of
               each other. This will help them imbibe team spirit, skills and attitudes
               rather than pave way to negative and unhealthy competitive traits.  The
               assemblies, Events, duties and activities  are held involving  each house
               lemur throughout the academic year.

        •      Students who opt for school lunch are provided with vegetarian lunch.
               The menu is designed by a dietician to cater to the nutritional needs of the
               growing child.
        •      It is essential that you provide detailed information about your child’s
               food allergies to the school.  If your child has an allergy, provide details of
               the food, symptoms and emergency doctor number to the class teacher so
               that she can act in case of accidental intake as some students may bring in
               a birthday or festive treat to share.
        •       Students have the option to bring home food for lunch and snacks.
        •      A lunch coupon booklet can be purchased and used within an academic
               year as and when required.

        •      Please contact accounts head for further assistance on cost of the food and
               lunch coupons.
        •      Copies of the  school  menu are  available  on the School ERP. (at  times
               subject to change).
        •      If you decide to send snacks or a packed lunch from home, please ensure
               to encourage students eat a balanced diet and nutritious food, instead of
               sweets, chocolates and chips/crisps.
        •      Students are regularly encouraged to maintain their fluid intake.  Each
               student must have a water bottle, clearly labelled with the child’s name
               and class.
        •      For health reasons water bottles are not shared.
        •      Students can refill their water bottles during the breaks.


        •      Riding  the school  bus  is  a privilege  and  is  the safest  form  of  student
               transportation "to and from" school!

        •      The buses are air-conditioned with GPS and RFID for tacking the bus.
        •      The lemur has to swipe his ID card on boarding the bus.
        •      A female security is assigned in every bus with first aid and paper bags to
               assist the lemurs and to cater to their requirements.
        •      The time given to the student for pick up & drop are subjected to change
               based on the traffic and road conditions in the city.
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