Page 13 - Epistemo Vikas Leadership School Diary
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        •      Lemurs are expected to come to school in the clean and ironed prescribed
               school uniform only. It is mandatory for girls to wear black cyclic shorts
               that are shorter in length than the skirts they wear.
        •      It is compulsory to wear the school uniform during the school hours, field
               trips and on all school functions (Until stated or asked otherwise).

        •      Pre-primary students must carry at least two pairs of extra clothes in their
               bag in case of accidents.

        •      No jewellery (except small earrings for girls) or wrist watches (except for
               secondary school children) are permitted.

        •      Girls should plait their hair if it is below shoulder level.  Short hair should
               be neatly cut and pinned. Boys are expected to have short and trimmed

        •      The ID cards should be worn around the neck at all times by the lemurs
               and in case of loss of ID, a new one can be obtained on payment to the class

        •      All belongings must be neatly labelled with the name of the student and
               the grade.

        •      Lemurs will be reprimanded and sent back home if they do not adhere to
               the school dress cod


        •      We encourage parents to label all clothing, bags, belongings, water
               bottles, lunch containers, etc with the student’s name and class clearly.
               This helps in the return of an item should it be misplaced.

        •      Students and parents are welcome to identify lost stuff in the lost
               property boxes placed in the front office.

        •      After each academic year the unclaimed property will be donated.

        •      The teachers will not be responsible to find the lost items.

        •      School accepts no financial responsibility for items that go missing at

        House System

              At Epistemo, all the  lemurs are divided into  four houses, Archimedes,
              Pythagoras, Socrates and Odysseus in order to bring in Integrity, to imbibe
              values and a sense of belonging and being interdependent. The lemurs of
              different  houses  are assessed on behaviour, academics,  conduct,  co-
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