Page 15 - Epistemo Vikas Leadership School Diary
P. 15

•      Escort Cards will be issued to all the children from Nursery to Grade X.
               Children  will be  handed  over to  the  escort only on production of  the
               Escort Cards.


        •      Notes from parents/guardians authorizing the bus driver to drop off a
               student at a point other than his/her regular stop will not be permitted.
        •      The  bus  stops will  be  determined  reasonably  at  the  discretion of the
               transport in charge.
        •      Complaints  regarding  route schedules or school  bus  stops will be
               reported to/addressed by transport in charge.
        •      Drivers will not transport any persons who are not students or approved
               school personnel assigned to their bus while making regular routes.
        •      Parents are not supposed to board the bus, stop the bus other than the
               assigned stop, expect the drivers or security to call them, tip them, pass
               on any information or material or enter into a discussion with the driver
               / attender / teacher / other children as this can cause inconvenience and
        •      If the parent is not available at the specified pick up point and time, the
               student will be brought back to the campus, and the parents have to come
               and pick them up on their own, by showing the parent ID card.
        •      Students are expected to be at the bus stop at least five minutes before
               the arrival time of the bus. Escorts of the young students are requested to
               be at the drop off points five minutes before the arrival of the bus.
        •      The drivers are authorized to stop the buses at the designated stops only.
               Parents are requested not to direct the drivers to stop at unauthorized

        •      Students will not  be  permitted  to change the bus, without prior
               notification, to ensure their safety. Unruly behavior and tampering with
               the bus accessories will not be tolerated and errant party will be liable
               for penalty. The escort staff will  be  in  charge  and  students  will  be
        •      If on any day should parents wish to pick their wards from school by own
               transport (instead of school transport) a note / prior intimation must be
               sent  to  the Parent  Relations Executives  about this change. This  is  to
               ensure the security of your ward.
        •      We expect the parents to ensure that their wards have clean diapers if
               they  are  not toilet trained and  that colostomy  bags  are  not  filled to
               capacity before boarding the bus.
        •      We expect the parents to cooperate to transport their child in the event
               of bus suspension.
        •      Transport fee has to be paid in full even if it is availed partially.

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