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        •      Parents are given password to access the ‘My Class board”, an ERP module
               to  check the daily diary,  HW, worksheets, assignments, the content
               covered, library books issued, fee payment, discipline of their ward etc

        •      Our Lemurs have a handbook/diary to make a note for her/his use or for
               a parent to send a note to the teacher.

        •      You can download the Epistemo, My Class board app on your mobile for
               quick information however, to view large documents, you need to operate
               through a PC.

        •      Important information  will  be intimated through SMS.  You  have  to
               provide one preferred number per child for us to communicate. However,
               the mail can be sent to both the parents.

        •      The mail Ids of the concerned people is given for you to reach out for

        •      Every class teacher will give you an hour slot in the evening for you to
               communicate. In case you want to contact her, you could call and speak to
               her within the stipulated time slot. If you have not succeeded in contacting
               her, you could leave the message either for her to get back or call her the
               next day.

        •      Kindly, do not send  WhatsApp messages  to  the  teachers as  they are
               instructed not to respond to WhatsApp messages or groups.

        •      You could mail or call the PR for help and if you do not get any response
               escalate the issue to the next level, to the AO (Administration Officer) in
               case of admin issues or the Principal for Academic issues, who shall get
               back to you within 2 to 3 working days.

        •      You  could meet the  teachers  on a  working  Saturday  with a prior
               appointment. You could call our parent relation officer, front desk, to get
               an appointment to meet the teachers.

        •     You could even post your queries, suggestions, concerns, testimonials or
              feedback through the parent portal.

        •     Should  there  occur  any change in  your  residential  address, telephone
              number and email ID in the course of the academic year, please notify the
              PR through email at least 7 school days in advance.

        •     If it becomes necessary to  close the  school  due to unforeseen
              circumstances or if any emergency message has to be communicated, then
              an SMS/e-mail message will be sent to the parents on their emergency
              contact number
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