Page 5 - Epistemo Vikas Leadership School Diary
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My Dear Student,

               We, in the Vikas family, believe that school is a place for teaching and learning,
              where students feel safe, secure and supported.  We strive hard to provide you
               with a supportive learning environment, and maximise opportunities available
              to you for learning at all times. Our school’s code of conduct is based on the
              belief that there are values fundamental to the wellbeing of both the individual
              and society, and that these values systems and principles are best nurtured in
              your formative years at school.

              We  understand  that each one  of you  is  special-  you have  unique  gifts  and
               talents; you have a distinctive personality and style.  It is for this reason that we
              allow  a  lot  of freedom and space  to  nurture  your individual  potential  and
              provide ample opportunity for academic and personal growth.

               Epistemo Vikas Leadership School is a dream that was nurtured by our former
               Chairman Shri Koteswara Rao, and today, it carries forward the proud legacy of
              the Vikas group of institutions.

              We now have a dynamic leader, Ms. Hema Surapaneni, with 28 years of yeras
              of experience as our Principal and the management is confident that under her
               leadership, Epistemo  will  continue  to soar  to  new heights. Our team of
              dedicated faculty is entrusted with a great responsibility of moulding young
               minds, and they do their job with utmost dedication and sincerity.  We are
              happy to extend our support and resources to ensure the best possible learning

               environment for our students, and are always open to constructive feedback
              and inputs from our students, staff and parents.

               Enjoy your time in school by embracing opportunities and challenges to keep

              the learning instinct alive at all times. Our school will prepare you to be resilient
               and equip you with the grit succeed. With time, you will have absorbed not only
              knowledge and skills, but also our school’s values, culture and legacy. Take that

               experience and use it to make a difference in the world. We wish to see you as
              good ambassadors of this institution, and as successful good human beings.

               All the very best for the year ahead.

              S. Swarajya Lakshmi
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