Page 2 - Epistemo Vikas Leadership School Diary
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                                                                    To  endeavour for providing a
                To impart  global  learning by
                                                                    learning       environment           that
                incorporating contemporary tools                    inculcates skills  and values in  a

                and techniques with the objective
                                                                    caring, safe, child-centric ambience,
                of drawing out the best in children,                fostering self-esteem and a sense of
                to inculcate holistic  aptitude and                 responsibility by nurturing their

                                                                    innate talent to attain the pinnacles
                                                                    of success.

                                            AIMS AND OBJECTIVES

                       To  manifest in students, the  best academic traits for pursuit  of


                       To promote research based education to facilitate students discover,
                       their innate talents and distinguish.

                       To  help  foster a  sense  of camaraderie,  teamwork and global
                       citizenship in the students.

                       To utilize parent resources for creating a partnership between school
                       and home with the objective of making the child successful.

                       To derive the best working model for community consciousness and
                       community connect thus rendering the best educational support.

                       To develop  self-confidence, creative research,  perseverance  and
                       integrity in the students.

                       To  create  the  best talent pool of teachers  and resources of

                       international standard by developing tools and skills for futuristic
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